London in Your Language

This is a fantastic website for anyone new living in London who wants to find information about services in their own language. Please share with your mentee or browse it together if you think it appropriate.

Housing Rights for Migrants

Below is a link to a helpful website regarding the housing rights of migrants in accordance with their immigration status. Mentees may click on “New Arrivals” to access more information on the subject as pertaining to their respective situations, while mentors will find helpful information by clicking on the “Housing Advisers” link. Both pages have more links in the header area and the left margin that lead to more specific subtopics, as well.

Housing Rights Information

Adult Mentor Resources Cupboard!

This is the adult mentoring resources cupboard! It is located upstairs and if you need help finding it please just ask any member of staff. We encourage and welcome you to use any resource in this cupboard with your mentee. Please photocopy any worksheet or document you find as these are master copies 🙂


Recycling in the home

Recycling can be quite confusing for someone recently settled in the UK. Every country has their own recycling system with different colours so it is important to help your mentee understand how to recycle in their home. Below you will find a resource for a great task to help with this, as well as test your mentees comprehension, reading and listening skills.

Find the resource here: